How to Flash ROM on Android Tutorial

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    1. You must have an unlocked bootloader or be S-OFF.
    2. Make sure your computer has working fastboot and adb. To check your fastboot and adb, you can type adb devices and fastboot devices to show the device info in the terminal.
    3. Fastboot for windows 8 or windows 8.1 has a problem with the usb driver, need to install a update rollup KB2967917 for Windows 8.1. Then fix the regedit using fastboot.reg file.
    3. Enable USB debugging on the device. New devices may have to turn it on by pressing the device number 7 times in the device info of settings.
    4. Connect the device to the computer through USB.
    5. From a terminal on a computer, type the following to boot the device into fastboot mode:
    $ adb reboot bootloader
    Enter the OEM update mode:
    $ fastboot oem rebootRUU
    Flash the firmware package. cd to the directory containing and run:
    $ fastboot flash zip
    You will see a FAILED message: remote: 90 hboot pre-update! please flush image again immediately. Do not be alarmed. Wait a few seconds for the HTC logo to reappear on       your device, then run the same command again:
    $ fastboot flash zip
    Wait for the process to finish
    Reboot the phone to the bootloader:
    $ fastboot reboot-bootloader
    Use the volume keys to navigate to BOOTLOADER and the power key to select; you should see HBOOT-2.10.0000 if the firmware update was successful.
    Choose RECOVERY from the HBOOT menu to boot into TWRP

    6. TWRP to flash the ROM

    Select the Wipe button, followed by Format Data. Type yes to continue, wait for the process to finish, and then return to the home screen with the Home icon at the bottom of the screen.
    Select the Wipe button, followed by Advanced Wipe. Select the Cache and System partitions and confirm their wipe. Return to the home screen.
    You can now either use adb to push the installation package(s) to /sdcard, or copy the package(s) to a microSD card on your computer and insert it into your device. You may have to reboot recovery for the microSD card to become available.

    adb method: adb push /sdcard/

    7. Install the Google app packages and also the if you want.

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